Mark Saunders Lawsuit

Why have more than 800 property owners in Brunswick County, North Carolina, trusted the design, architecture and property management of Mark Saunders? The answer is quite simple. Mark Saunders has designed and built top-notch homes and communities in the Tar Heel State for decades.

Mark Saunders Luxury Homes are second-to-none and are conveniently located close to the southern coastal border of North Carolina and South Carolina, providing a desired moderate climate.

Mark Saunders manages a successful land development business, The Coastal Companies, has created numerous coastal communities in Brunswick County that feature award-winning golf courses, beautiful beaches, and world-class amenities.

The trusted work of The Coastal Companies is not related to an amicably settled Mark Saunders lawsuit that had to do with the overpayment of property assessment fees at one of the properties managed by Mark Saunders’ —Ocean Ridge Plantation.

The Mark Saunders resolved lawsuit began when the property owners’ association for Ocean Ridge Plantation changed the governance of the association and it was turned over to board members elected by the property owners. Prior to turnover, the developer had contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the association, allowing it to build healthy reserves, and as allowed by North Carolina law, the covenants call for the developer to be exempt from property assessments. Unfortunately, after the association was turned over to board members elected by property owners, the exemption provision was overlooked, and developer companies managed by Mark Saunders were billed and paid for assessments on home sites they owned.

The Mark Saunders lawsuit was truly nothing to be concerned about and reached a peaceful settlement. The Coastal Companies and Mark Saunders take lawsuits very seriously and are sure to adhere to highest standards and practices when it comes to handling such matters.

That’s why the Mark Saunders lawsuit shouldn’t deter anyone from living in a home built by The Coastal Companies, especially in Ocean Ridge Plantation, which is one of the finest golf and beach communities North Carolina has to offer.

Ocean Ridge Plantation is a residential community creating a coastal lifestyle great for golf enthusiasts and beachgoers. The community offers four championship-level golf courses, incredible homes, and the finest beaches just minutes away. It is no wonder Ocean Ridge Plantation has been an award-winning community year after year.